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What's missing is the speaker cable.
I would definitely stay away from any version of 'zip-cord' and go with a proven/durable 18 gauge 2 conductor stranded cable with an overall jacket (18-2) with at least a "riser" (eg 18-2 cl-2r) rating (plenum is the next rating but expensive). Universities and colleges can get sticky about 70 volt or 100 volt speaker systems and may force you down to a 25 volt distributed system). Mind the wattage taps. I see no need to go over 2.5 watt / speaker but if you go higher, please leave a buffer between the total wattages used and the amplifier rating. (I use 20% so as to not overload the amplifier due to losses in the system)
IF your college requires conduit... well, call for an electrician. I've run into those before.

> We’re looking to add a small page system to our dance building. Our tech area is on a catwalk over our small studio that overlooks the mail studio where we sometimes have performances. Facilities recently added a solid barrier behind the catwalk since the small studio also serves as a dressing room. (This replaced the commando cloth curtains that had served fine for years…) The problem is, now I can’t give calls to the dancers below and we're looking for a small page system to give calls to the company. I’m thinking a simple push-to-talk mic and some powered speakers, preferably that come with mounting brackets.
> Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bill Potter
> St. Paul’s School
> Concord NH
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