[SML] Calling all Floridians

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Hi Steven,
I'm on the other side of the peninsula (Atlantic side, not Gulf Side), so my knowledge is solely based on being a visitor.
My daughter had a few school events in Tampa, and we traveled to St Petersburg for sailing events.
There is a thriving arts scene in that area that appears to have more momentum than many of the other metropolises in Florida.
There's a little artsy area called Gulfport (by St Pete) which has a similar vibe to Ithaca NY (which I dig, a lot).

Overall (as can be expected) most of the areas near the water are nice.  Both have nice Downtown areas.

That said, there are some very sketchy neighborhoods in both cities...So have them drive through prospective neighborhoods both during the day, and at night.

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My daughter is looking to move from SoCal to Florida with a friend. They are looking at Tampa. I will say that I know nothing about Florida. 
Thoughts? Things or places to avoid? Best places to be?

Steven R Hood

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