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I spent the summer of 1979 in Oldsmar, which is a town between Tampa Bay and St. Pete

What probably has not changed:  the humidity and the insects.  It rained every day at 4:30 pm almost like clockwork, and it was so humid all day that you were never dry if you were outside.  The bugs were both numerous (the "love-bugs" clog car radiators and destroy paint)  and large (the palmetto beetles are flying cockroaches the size of mice)  Keeping insects out of the house required monthly applications of insecticide.

At the time there was some separation between Tampa Bay and St. Pete, and in the un-incorporated areas there were lots of sketchy bars beside the roads advertising 59 cent Boilermakers, which was way too cheap even in 1979 to buy beer or bourbon, let alone both.  It's probably all a big suburb now

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