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HI Allison --

I ask that users inspect the hard hat each time they're used; at the very least, the strap needs to be adjusted to be properly seated on the wearer's head.  We don't get too much in the way of checmical exposure (or, hate to say it, even sunlight) inside the theater.

That being said, the people who actually provide the budget for them want to know how long they'll last.  Manufacturer and OSHA recommend annual replacement of the suspension, and no longer than five years before replacing the shell.  Being able to give them that figure, and track it accurately, means I get the smidgen of a budget necessary to replace them every so often.  The alternative is to take the budget out of a different department (which almost certainly has its own maintenance and upgrades to work on).  Dating the hard hats means I can forecast the expense for The Powers That Be so it's not a surprise, the expense gets covered, and we all keep on working ... safely!

Matthew Breton
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Better would be to give each hardhat a bit of a squeeze--if they make any crunchy noise, they need to be replaced.  It's not just how old they are, but how much UV/sunlight exposure, chemical exposure, how many times they've been dropped, etc. that will compromise their integrity.

Allison Koster
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FWIW, I also write the purchase date on the hardhats, so I know how long they've been in service, and when to replace them.

Matthew Breton
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