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Stephen Rees Stephen.Rees at fredonia.edu
Wed Feb 27 20:12:43 UTC 2019

Years ago, the last time I did this, we primed both side and the edges with
a good quality vinyl acrylic primer. YMMV depending on the atmospheric
conditions of your area. An alkyd base product might be more appropriate.
In either case, one coat should do it.  All the sheets to dry completely.
We did not apply the top coats (base coat + finish coat) until after the
goods were on the deck.  We used 3d ring shank nails because of the small
head and the resistance to pull-out.  8" OC on the perimeter of each sheet
and 1'-0" OC in the field.
Good luck.
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> Asking for a friend....
> Pre-painting sheets of "Maso" (before installation): how many coats,
> and preferred paint?
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