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Eloise Twining twiningeloise at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 11:49:58 UTC 2020

My last job was Mar 4th, down in some San Francisco hotel. I think Moscone
Center is now hosting emergency services (so they can distance properly)
and also being a homeless shelter.
I'm up on my ranch in Ukiah cutting down trees as fast as I can to make the
house more fire safe for the summer. Need a 200ft clear area around the
house where trees are widely spaced. Anyone need firewood?
It is great to be outdoors in spring!  Getting some time in with the
horses, which is wonderful and very different from being in some hotel
ballroom all spring.
Considering whether to take retirement two years early or not. For  now
unemployment is helping but it sure doesn't replace a good spring season!

Stay safe everyone.

Eloise Twining
IATSE Local 16
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