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Phil is a fabulous trainer - this is a great opportunity and I hope lots of colleges will take advantage of it! 
We're watching dominoes fall in AV land, too. At one point I had a trip every month planned for a conference or teaching - now all is cancelled through August and I'm waiting for that to cancel too. 
Summerfest - the big music festival in Milwaukee that is usually over 4th of July  - is now smack dab on top of the AWTE conference in September... reserved my housing as soon as I heard, but prices tripled overnight so some of the other board members haven't done as well. 
Plugging away on the OSHA 30 with some other list denizens... join in the "fun" if you want. I think I picked the company that has absolutely no phreaking clue how to write a quiz question. Ah well. 
Be safe y'all! 
Kristi R-C

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Well then, I owe you a beverage of your choice!!

Seriously, though... We are trying to focus on what we can do to help the industry.

I'll be presenting at USITT Presents at the end of the month (Challenges and solutions for mixing different types of LED Color systems in the same rig).  I hope I'm neither too boring, nor too ignorant... Tune in to see my trainwreck.  Lol.

You may have noticed my other post (a few weeks ago) on the Virtual Classroom that we've set-up with ChamSys.
They will actually attend professor's Zoom (or whatever electronic media) classroom, and guest lecture on topics of your choice.  Plus have some customized projects and/or homework for your students.

This is a great option for folks who need to fill practicum hours with their students (*cough *cough *cough @mangank at bgsu.edu @matthew Whiton).

Sorry for the shouting... too much day-drinking.  Herrick is a bad influence.

Re-post of the ChamSys email is below:

I’ve been working with Phil Watson from ChamSys on some ways that we can help Educators.
We’re working to develop a way for College Educators (at first, maybe opening it up further, later down the road) to have custom content for their practicums, and classes.
Our goal is to be able to offer a personalized educational opportunity to as many schools as possible.  For Free.  This may include access to recordings, but more importantly, live lectures and interactions with experts in the field.
Of course, we can volunteer to guest lecture, and that is a part of this (anyone who would like me to take up an hour of your class time, just email me).  And of course, there is a ton of free “Console Programming” training content already available from ChamSys.  
However, this is different.  Instead of offering a bunch of pre-recorded trainings and sales-pitches, we’re interested in developing custom content for your specific classroom.

Classes might include things like discussing the philosophies behind how consoles think, so that regardless of whether you’re working with Chauvet fixtures and ChamSys Consoles, or ETC Consoles and Fixtures, your students can learn how to work efficiently. But, we also want for them to practice what they learn (to have a class/homework component).  So that we’re not only offering a live lecture, but a way to actually integrate this into existing curricula.
If you click on the link below, it will allow you to pick a date and time for a 20 min. personal brainstorming session with Phil and his team.  This is where you’ll discuss the sort of things you’ll need for your students, so that we can put together an appropriate lesson that is specific to your class, and students.
Since ChamSys is a controller company, you might want to start with topics like: Programming Philosophy (Tracking vs non-tracking), Integrating Paperwork into a console (via Vectorworks, or the consoles own system), Limits and advantages of Pre-Viz, etc.  However, since Phil and his team have extensive experience in all aspects of live entertainment including, Theatre, Dance, Professional Touring, Rock & Roll, corporate A/V and Festival lighting, you may decide that you want to use a portion of the class time to discuss careers… 
The point is that it's completely  up to you.  
We are here to support you.
There will be a more formalized communication on this going out from our marketing department, but I wanted make sure that this group (especially) had access to this information sooner, rather than later.
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