[SML] Linux networking help needed

Bruce bruce at ledworklights.com
Tue Apr 28 00:01:48 UTC 2020

On Monday, April 27, 2020 4:04:44 PM CDT, Jerry Durand via Stagecraft 
> This is strange...
> Yesterday I was setting up a WiFi access point and plugged its 
> Ethernet into this Linux box (Kubuntu 18.04).  In setting it up 
> I accidentally deleted the connection, but that shouldn't be a 
> problem, plug in my network and it should pop back.
> Only it didn't, Network Manager shows Bluetooth but no wired 
> connections.  But, the task bar icon changes from red to white 
> and blue when I plug the cable in.  WTF.
> Doing a lot of searching I found my interface name apparently 
> changed from eth1 to eno1.  Well, strange but ok.  I fixed the 
> /etc/interfaces file and from the command line got reconnected.  
> I'm plugged into our office router and that's working.  Small 
> cheer!

  I wonder if you need to TELL NetworkManager what the new interface name 
is?  (I stay away from systemd/NM since it is a little too 'Windows-y' and 
*really* wants to hide too much from a skilled admin).  But it seems to be 
acting as though it doesn't know the interface name.  I think the changing 
colors is because NM knows the MAC address, but somewhere in the NM hive 
mind the fact that you haven't told it that the new name is eno1 means it 
can't advertise it on DBUS so it isn't showing up by name on the Plasma 
network applet.

  Just some thoughts.  I'd need to see what the 'wired' tab in the config 
panel is, or the output from 'nmcli' to help more I think.

:Bruce Cooper
Stagehand in Waiting.

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