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Hi Phil.

What company did you use?

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We have found streaming rights are now an option at most publishers.  We were going to do Shakespeare in Love but because it was also a film, streaming rights were not available.   We replaced it wi The Book of Will which had streaming rights.   We had to work our rights and securing the lockdown of our stream.  We ultimately found a company with point of sale and could lockdown the stream.   First show is stream , second show is recorded and played back.  There are lots of things to consider. My job is the equipment for the stream and getting it to work

Phil Johnson
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Dear Kristi,
The rights to use zoom (narrowcast) are at one level, the right to broadcast is at another level, in most cases. Start with the Rightsholder printed in the script and go from there. Just go on record of asking Samual French, Dramatists,, et cetera, who to pay. You will not be the first person to have asked  the question.It is more difficult to get the Broadcast or Narrowcast Music Rights from  Tams-Widmark, etc. It is Grand Rights in all cases; Public domain work is easier...
/s/ Richard

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Richard - (and asking in public because I bet a bunch of others want to know, too.)

We know that to do a stage play (dramatico-musical work) you have to contract to pay royalties for Grand Rights to the author(s.) This is typically done through some rights administrator like Sam French, Tams-Witmark, Concord. And many authors have agreed to have a streaming version, some have even created a re-written version specifically for that purpose.

What happens when that work is being performed via a streaming platform like Zoom?  Certainly the rights holder still deserves compensation in some way - are those small rights then? Doesn't seem to be mechanical rights unless you are recording the stream.

What if you broadcast over the Radio -e.g. small town radio has the local HS cast of 4 in the studio to do a version of an old-time radio drama?
Anything else you can teach us about the brave new world of copyright and Streaming?


Kristi R-C

/s/ Richard
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