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It ought to hurt, as long as it does not cause injury, we want to discourage any idea that "jump in the net" is a fun game.Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device-------- Original message --------From: Jeffrey Kanyuck via Stagecraft <stagecraft at theatrical.net> Date: 8/5/2020  8:38 AM  (GMT-07:00) To: Joe <jdunfee12 at yahoo.com>, Stagecraft Mailing List <stagecraft at theatrical.net> Cc: Jeffrey Kanyuck <JKanyuck at Harford.edu> Subject: Re: [SML] [EXTERNAL]  Re:  Pit Netting 

The net we have in out pit does not have any give to it at all. If you fall in the pit it HURTS when you land.

I've been trying to get my higher ups to allow for cost of a change out.

No one knows where it came from or who made it. 
It's similar to really thick tie line.


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Jeff Kanyuck said: 

<shouldn't it have a shock absorber of some type?

Netting tends to have a lot of give. So, I would think it would function as a shock absorber itself.


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