[SML] ETC ELV10 dimmer module

Mark Gostomski ssewsa at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 00:04:36 UTC 2020

Hello all,
I am curious if any of you have any experience or insight with the ETC
ELV10 dimmer module? I think I understand that general idea of it but I am
not exactly sure where exactly it would be needed. The ETC cut sheet says
"LED power supplies requiring reverse phase control" but I do not know
personally of any LED theatre lights that require this, or I have been
doing things wrong for a bit. I guess I am trying to find the answer of why
would I want/need this in my rig? My rig is mainly incandescent, 20 or so
LED cycs, a couple of movers, a couple of sea changers, and sometimes
atmospherics added in. As background as to what started the research, my
racks got damaged due to flood waters in the hurricane here in New England
a couple weeks back. Lost a number of modules and now getting them
replaced, and possibly upgraded. Any information, insight, or ideas would
be appreciated.

Mark Gostomski
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