[SML] 3D model of Theater and Show

William Knapp will at thebase.com
Mon Aug 31 02:28:24 UTC 2020


I'm doing a study creating an all-elements visualization of a show in a
game engine.

Does anyone have a reasonably accurate 3D CAD model of their theater they
are willing to loan me for the project? Or do you have good 2D plans for a
fairly simple theater that you'd like to have modeled in 3D?

Also, and this is a long shot. Was there a show in this space recently that
I might recreate in 3D in the model. I need a show that has: a set (with at
least one thing that flies), lighting (prefer a conventional rig), Sound
playback, and video. I realize I'll need to get permission and perhaps
support from all the designers.

It's a study and proof of concept project; completely non-commercial.

DM me for more info.



Will Knapp
will at thebase.com
+1 212 475 3110
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