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> Looking for a laser distance measurer w/ area and volume, continuous.
>  Looking at the Extech DT100M.
>  What’s your fav?

I’m not familiar with Extech...

I have a little Bosch thingummy  that’s alledged to be a disto, that never
fails to disappoint. It’s only saving grace is that when it fails, which is
inevitable, I’m not out too much money.

My go-to is Leica. My Leica Disto A5 has served me admirably on several
tours. I suspect it’s been discontinued but I’m certain one can find NOS or
gently-used examples for sale online or in eBay.

Bottom line: if you have the price of admission(and that can be
surprisingly affordable), Leica is the Rolls-Royce of laser distos.

...And friends don’t let friends use Bosch. Just sayin’.

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