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I don’t have access to  the Do’s/Don’ts’ either so I can’t speak to the rules, but you get major props for an extremely well written post.  It’s short, to the point and honest.

Well done.


Bill S

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Hey folks,

The 'Dos and Don'ts' page for the mailing list is 404ed, so I'm flying blind here, but I know a lot of us are out of work, so I'm hoping a related-field job post is okay.

In my non-theater life I run a small art handling company in Los Angeles, and we're looking for a part-time crater. Depending on how well it goes and how busy we are, it could turn into full-time with benefits, but I especially don't want to promise anything in the middle of a pandemic. Carpentry skills and experience required, art experience decidedly not required.

I hate the phrase "pay negotiable depending on experience", but we're really small and, well, it's negotiable depending on experience.

Shoot me an email off-list with resumes or questions. Thanks!

Will Schuessler
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