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Jerry Durand jdurand at durandinterstellar.com
Sun Apr 11 14:36:26 UTC 2021

Depends on the "there".

We sold this house last July as the border was opening the first of
September.  With an abundance of caution, we made an agreement with the
buyers that we had until 1 January to move out.

The border open was moved back to 1 January.

The sellers said they'd give us until the end of March.

The border open was moved to 1 March.

We had to resort what we could take due to customs regulations.

March...no border.

Start looking for some place to move to until we can leave-leave.  An
SML person in California offered along with people we know "back east". 
When it turned out we might need to pop over to D.C. quickly we decided
on "back east".  Also, it's not California and at this point that suits
us fine.

Movers got here the end of March to pack what's going.

House buyers said not a problem, but soon!

So, now we are semi-homeless people.  Staying with friends while owning
a house we can't get to. 

The story will continue...

On 4/11/21 5:31 AM, Paul Guncheon via Stagecraft wrote:
> ...and you want to move there why?
> Sheesh.
> I just moved from Hawai'i to Virginia and was shocked at the amount of
> theft and loss (including the loss (how?) of the 4'x5' top to the
> vintage draughting table that I have owned for over forty years), not
> to mention the rough handling that damaged so much of my stuff. I hope
> they inventoried your things.
> Laters,
> Paul 1
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