[SML] Coating for Glasses and Porcelain Tea Cups?

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Mon Feb 4 04:49:37 UTC 2019

Here is an update.
I had thought to go with the Plasti-Dip clear spray, but then I happened upon some plastic (Melamine actually) tea cups and saucers at a local thrift store.  They have the classic round bowl shape, but the handles look modern, with flat-horizontal tops to the handle.  But, they accept Dremel work quite nicely, and should also paint nicely with a little sanding.  I will add a little embellishment on the sides with permanent marker, and a touch of silver paint to the top rim.

And while I am not going to the Plasti-Dip route, I will add that neither Lowes nor HomeDepot carried the clear aerosol. But, there was another product that Lowes had. Flex Seal Clear.  It was a larger can, and more expensive, at $12, than the $8 Plasti-Dip.  And it is "As Seen on TV" brand, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
There was another option I experimented with.  I found some small clear bowls at the Dollar Tree.  Then, I also found some plain clear shower curtain rings.  I was able to melt the curtain rings, and cut/bend them to shape, and tried to use heat to fuse them to the plastic bowl.  It didn't adhere that well, and the shape of the bowl is just a little bit too squat.  I didn't want clear, but had planned on paint them.  If I had not come across the plastic ones in the thrift store, I think I might have gone with this option, and worked on attaching the handle better. Of course, the price, at $2 for 12 cups. These were the bowls. https://www.dollartree.com/clear-plastic-bowls-4-in-12ct-packs/160167 and rings, https://www.dollartree.com/home-collection-shower-curtain-rings-12ct-packs/225272.
I also will put in a word for the Re-Uuzeit thrift store. They are FAR better organized than Good Will, and they take MUCH better care of their donations. The one in the New Holland is immense, with two floors. There are a few of them around the Lancaster PA area, and surrounding cities.  Actually, there seems to be a lot of thrift store by the Mennonite church, that go by various names around the country.  I can only speak to the ones in my area. http://www.thrift.mcc.org
Another thrift chain that far outclasses GoodWill is Community Aid.  Mostly clothing, but like Re-Uzeit, they sort by size, which makes things MUCH easier. https://communityaid.net/

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