[SML] Coating for Glasses and Porcelain Tea Cups?

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Thanks for the update.
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> Here is an update.
> I had thought to go with the Plasti-Dip clear spray, but then I happened
> upon some plastic (Melamine actually) tea cups and saucers at a local
> thrift store.  They have the classic round bowl shape, but the handles look
> modern, with flat-horizontal tops to the handle.  But, they accept Dremel
> work quite nicely, and should also paint nicely with a little sanding.  I
> will add a little embellishment on the sides with permanent marker, and a
> touch of silver paint to the top rim.
> And while I am not going to the Plasti-Dip route, I will add that neither
> Lowes nor HomeDepot carried the clear aerosol. But, there was another
> product that Lowes had. Flex Seal Clear.  It was a larger can, and more
> expensive, at $12, than the $8 Plasti-Dip.  And it is "As Seen on TV"
> brand, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
> There was another option I experimented with.  I found some small clear
> bowls at the Dollar Tree.  Then, I also found some plain clear shower
> curtain rings.  I was able to melt the curtain rings, and cut/bend them to
> shape, and tried to use heat to fuse them to the plastic bowl.  It didn't
> adhere that well, and the shape of the bowl is just a little bit too
> squat.  I didn't want clear, but had planned on paint them.  If I had not
> come across the plastic ones in the thrift store, I think I might have gone
> with this option, and worked on attaching the handle better. Of course, the
> price, at $2 for 12 cups. These were the bowls.
> https://www.dollartree.com/clear-plastic-bowls-4-in-12ct-packs/160167 and
> rings,
> https://www.dollartree.com/home-collection-shower-curtain-rings-12ct-packs/225272
> .
> I also will put in a word for the Re-Uuzeit thrift store. They are FAR
> better organized than Good Will, and they take MUCH better care of their
> donations. The one in the New Holland is immense, with two floors. There
> are a few of them around the Lancaster PA area, and surrounding cities.
> Actually, there seems to be a lot of thrift store by the Mennonite church,
> that go by various names around the country.  I can only speak to the ones
> in my area. http://www.thrift.mcc.org
> Another thrift chain that far outclasses GoodWill is Community Aid.
> Mostly clothing, but like Re-Uzeit, they sort by size, which makes things
> MUCH easier. https://communityaid.net/
> -Joe
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