[SML] A Source of the Scourge

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I was thinking about this over the weekend (Don’t ask why)… I bet that the “mystery industry” is automotive.

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A fascinating read…. But now I’ve used up one of my free NYT stories…
Still, I’m glad I read this.

What I learned at Stagecraft school today:  Glitter can only be discussed with a significant amount of snark, we are biologically programmed to be attracted to it (even if we hate it), it (mostly) comes from New Jersey, I think it’s made with anodization (like Dichroic filters), it is used not just in strip-clubs and makeup, but in a bunch of stuff that we don’t even know about (to make it eye-catching), and… it never goes away… but, I might have known that last thing already.

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Oh... the agony.



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