[SML] CAD drawing interchange

Jerry Durand jdurand at durandinterstellar.com
Wed Feb 6 19:54:02 UTC 2019

I'm working on a project where I have to generate CAD drawings and get
them to the guys who will build the stuff.  Nothing new there and in
this case it's an established company so I shouldn't have to deal with a
startup that doesn't know what CAD is.


The end of December I gave them the list of drawing formats I could work
in (I use TurboCAD Pro Platinum).  They picked .DWG, no problem there. 
I generated a simple box test drawing and sent it in several versions up
to AutoCAD 2018.  They said they could read all of them with no problem.

Great!  AutoCAD 2018 it is...

TODAY I get a message that they're still waiting for a drawing with ALL
the dimensions on it.  I mention they could just ask AutoCAD for
anything that isn't there.  I get back the deer in headlights look.

I hear from them that it would be ok if I just hand wrote in the
dimensions.  Hand wrote?  On a CAD file?


Jerry Durand, Durand Interstellar, Inc.
tel: +1 408 356-3886

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