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We do have a department that handles users requests for space from the campus and outside of campus. Those from on campus having priority in order of a few different things such as if the space is typically designated for a certain type of use. For instance a person speaking won't get a chem lab when there needs to be a chem class. 
The department in charge of this is supposed to check with the department that has the typical use if their space is requested before lending it out or renting it out.
Actual costs are charged across campus for things such as crew to run mics, cleaning crews, etc. Actual and additional rental for spaces is charged to off campus users to help cover equipment upkeep needs.
Depending on the type of user we also charge for some types of event based equipment (lighting, audio) and we pass on charges for any gear we have to rent to make their thing happen (rental tables, extra motors and truss, speakers, floor covering).

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Some Questions for those of you in academia:
Do you have a department on campus who handles special events (ie outdoor events in common areas, conferences, student-presented concerts & lectures?)
Do you pay for those services?
Thank you!
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