[SML] [EXTERNAL] Is everyone still ok?

Dale Farmer dale at cybercom.net
Wed Apr 1 00:38:58 UTC 2020

Hi everyone.
With all the shows cancelling, 4wall laid me off along with loads of 
other employees a couple weeks ago.  Quite a shock after 14 years.  Now 
in the process of filing for unemployment and sitting at home.   Still 
taking care of elderly mom at home, so being pretty careful about 
bringing any infections home.     Massachusetts just extended the 
closures to May 4th, so another month of staying home.

got lots of projects at home I should be working on...


On 3/31/2020 2:27 PM, Kelly Ann Mangan via Stagecraft wrote:
> Greetings from Ohio.  We’re all pretty much intact.  Unhappy about the 
> cancelled shows and trying to figure out how to get students some sort 
> of comparable production activity.  At this point, I’m having them set 
> up stuff on their kitchen table, spike it all with tiny little spike 
> marks, make a scene shift chart, and then video their set changes for 
> me.   I hate that some of these students would have been having their 
> capstone production experience, but at least I can keep pushing them to 
> add the skills they’ll need once they get out into the job market – once 
> there is one again.
> In the land of the university – I’m swamped with this new online 
> delivery.  But too many of my friends in the professional world are 
> feeling the pinch and finding themselves unemployed after as many as 40 
> years with the same company.
> Here’s to keeping sane, helping each other, and a speedy return to the 
> things that feed our souls.
> Kelly
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> This list has been rather quiet. I thought I would check in and see how 
> folks are doing.
> Remember if you are in need of help there are various ways to get it. 
> Whether you need help medically, emotionally, or physically (or foods) 
> there are groups for this. If you need help finding one for you or 
> someone you know ask. We should be able to come up with it.
> Take care all, keep the jokes going, laughter can help.
> We need to stick together.
> Jeff Kanyuck
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