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A design for one appeared in Theatre Crafts, April 1989 issue by the list's very own Karl Ruling.  One feature he incorporated was to allow the ring cadence to be adjusted for a slow, ominous ring, or a faster, more urgent ring cadence.I always meant to build one.Stuart Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device-------- Original message --------From: Nigel Worsley via Stagecraft <stagecraft at theatrical.net> Date: 4/10/2020  4:15 PM  (GMT-05:00) To: Stagecraft Mailing List <stagecraft at theatrical.net> Cc: Nigel Worsley <niglew at googlemail.com> Subject: Re: [SML] Telephone line simulator This reminds me, one of my lockdown projects is to design a phoneringer for stage use (the day job is electronics design). Whatfeatures do people feel are missing from the existing affordablesolutions?Already on the list is the ability to provide the right tones andringing frequencies for worldwide use and a USB port so it can betriggered by show control software etc.Nigel Worsley____________________________________________________________For list information see <http://stagecraft.theprices.net/>Stagecraft mailing listStagecraft at theatrical.nethttp://theatrical.net/mailman/listinfo/stagecraft_theatrical.net
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