[SML] AutoCAD and Sharepoint

George Davidson george at georgedavidson.ca
Fri Apr 17 15:46:57 UTC 2020

I used sharepoint and it was OK, I work remote and did not always have
great internet connections so that was an issue

i found myself downloading a local copy and then re-uploading the new
version, this worked well as i liked having versions, but required that i
go back and cleanup and this was tedious with the web interface

I did try to have synced folders but had issues as it likes you to have a
connection and the program is less than great

Having access to everything in the office server was very nice as was being
able to do basic edits with the online versions of word/excel - it also
really works well with MS Office on local computers

That said Dropbox worked better for me with synced local folders, but
sharepoint was overall better

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