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Riter, Andrew andrew.riter at ubc.ca
Tue Aug 4 21:38:54 UTC 2020

Ours was made locally, I'm told, in 1997, during construction of the building, by a fishnet making company.

The netting I trust; the anchors on the moveable pit wall by the audience are a different issue.  Depends if you're rating them for props (to protect the musicians), or for actors/singers.

(not much help, but maybe us a "local" netting company.....)

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I am looking to get a pit net for when we have the pit cover out.  I need three quotes.  I am in contact with InCord and their local distributer but need to find two more.  Any suggestions on a company to contact (or avoid).  (I am in South central Pennsylvania).  Thanks
Greg Bierly
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Hempfield High School

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