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I can't answer your questions, but I'll tell you I have a M17 and upgraded to a M22 because the 17 couldn't get everywhere. Very happy with my 22 for home use.

Also check out Costco they have a vendor come out every so often and their website will list when they are scheduled. It's a little better deal than the normal price at Costco and you get some accessories like the leg leveler

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I've just become a home-owner, and this is the first time I've purchased and owned a ladder.  Purchase #1 was a 6' fiberglass stepladder (there are many like it, but this one is *mine*).

Purchase #2 will be a Little Giant articulating ladder.  I grew quite fond of them in college thanks to Mike Katz's purchases for Kresge Little Theatre at MIT.  A quick survey looks like the Little Giant still leads the knockoffs, and the price premiums aren't huge for what I want.

I'm 80% sure I want a Model 22- a Model 17 wouldn't quite reach a lot of spots I might want to get to, and a Model 26 still wouldn't reach the highest outdoor spots, so a Model 22 is the right compromise of weight & cost vs usefulness.

But I'm left with two questions, that hopefully someone will know off the top of their head:

1) What is the difference between the "Velocity" line and the "LT" line?

2) Is there a leg-leveling option available for either the Velocity or LT line? Or do I have to step up to the "Quantum" or "Revolution" to get leg leveling, and is the only option the built-in one?  (which means a little extra weight that can't be removed when not needed)

Okay three questions...

3) Is there anything else about other models that I might really appreciate?  At a glance it seems like any of the models (along with a "wingspan") will give me everything I know and love from the original model.

Thanks to anyone who happens to know enough to help!
Alex French
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