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John Taylor jt at techie.com
Sat Apr 10 17:37:25 UTC 2021

Judy, thanks for letting us know.

This plane will be less brighter.
Shine on that next stage wherever it may be.

Another to add to the list of gone to soon. Been way to many recently.

RIP Jeffrey.

Peace to the family and all.


On 4/10/2021 12:04 PM, Bill Sapsis via Stagecraft wrote:
> Damn. Damn.  Damn.
> So very sorry to hear this.  A really good guy.
> Bill
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> Hi all,
> I am terribly, terribly sad to have to write that Jeffrey Salzberg
> passed away on Thursday, from complications following a heart attack.
> I was told by a friend of his that he wasn't in any pain but there
> were too many complications.
> I met Jeff when I emailed this list about 20 years ago, asking for
> suggestions because I had a class of really awful students who kept
> complaining that it wasn't visual enough. He suggested we set up a
> website for lighting students, and so we did, and kept it up for the
> past two decades, updating it as needed. Jeffrey also added a Facebook
> page.
> He was a really wonderful partner, with such a clear eyed approach and
> a combination of imagination and enterprise and practicality.  The
> website has been helping students for years, and people continually
> email us about it. I'll be keeping it up, but it is due to Jeff's
> energy and skill that it's up there in the first place.
> His passing is a terrible loss, personally to me, certainly to his
> friends and everybody close to him, but also, I think, to the entire
> profession.
> Judy
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