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It gets more interesting as Customs over there says the delivery has to be TO me since I'm the shipper.  Ok, no problem, we have an agent there.  No, you misunderstand, YOU have to PERSONALLY receive it.  We also need a copy of your green card and tax ID.

Oh, well we'd love to be there, only your fellow border agents won't let us in without our green cards and we have to be there in person to get our green cards and tax ID cards.  Also our multi-year visas are expiring and the embassy says no new visas without special permission.  We've applied for various types of exemptions with the same negative answer.  We're still not sure how we're going to get new visas, we qualify for higher level ones (no need to leave the country periodically, our current visas are only good for 90 days at a time).  We may have to appear in Washington, D.C. at the embassy on short notice to do the paperwork so we'll be doing some traveling and staying close to D.C.

Our lawyer somehow worked something out but we needed to update the power of attorney.  Well, shouldn't be much of a problem, when we were there the first one was pretty simple.

That was then, this is the new now.

We told the lawyer to write up a new power of attorney that covers EVERYTHING.  She contacted various government agencies and came up with 2-1/2 pages of single spaced small type lawyer speak that covers every concievable thing, even if we decided to become Catholic or something.

Ok, to get it notarized.  Oh, right, we're not in the right country.  We drive to a (luckily) nearby international paperwork processing center.  Their notary scaned that the document is correct (being written in Klingon limits the number of notaries right there), then notarized both our signatures.  From there it had to go to the California government to get a stamp certifying that the notary is real.  From there it flew off across the ocean to a notary to be verified and stamped by him.  Then it went to the Federation government to certify the whole mess.  Our lawyer should have it in about a week from now.  I wonder if paperwork gets frequent flyer miles?

It seems if we could just be abducted by aliens it would be a lot easier.

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>> A small portion of our stuff is on a container ship currently a
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>Quick! Someone route the Ever Given through the Canal Zone!
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