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We need more info to be able to begin to talk about budget.
How big is your stage? Black Box Theatre 50’ x 50’ and a 400 seat theatre with 45’ proscenium.
Do you teach all of the classes in your department? I teach all but two courses, Scenic Design and Costume & Makeup (adjuncts)
Who teaches Design and Technology? I teach Tech Theatre and an adjunct teaches scenic & lighting design
Who directs the shows? I direct all shows.
Is this the budget for Costumes, Lights, Sound and Projection as well? Yes. It all comes from these three budgets.
Who designs each area? I design all shows.
Do you have any Labor, or is it just you and your students? My students and I.
Do you have any stock of Scenery, Props & Costumes In the past 15 years I have saved and recycled quite a bit and  have created a very nice props, furniture and scenery inventory.
Do you have any life outside of your department? Very little.

I am a retired TD who spent about half of my Career in Educational Theater and half in the Professional Theater. Depending on some of the answers above I would be very concerned for your health and well being!

Michael Katz
narishkup at gmail.com<mailto:narishkup at gmail.com>
C: 857.383.0020

On Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 1:41 PM Miller, Daniel via Stagecraft <stagecraft at theatrical.net<mailto:stagecraft at theatrical.net>> wrote:
Good morning!

I am a university professor running a one-person theatre department. I produce three plays a year including a musical. I have had the privilege of doing this at this university for 15 years now. As we all know the costs for royalties and the costs for building materials has increased a great deal over the last couple of years. However, my budget has remained the same for a decade. I have asked for increases to the budgets, but administration believes the budgets I have for each production is sufficient. I need your help. Can I get your feedback? Are my budgets sufficient?

These budgets are for ALL aspects of a show from royalties, to props, sets, publicity, etc.

Here is my budget……..

Fall Show………$3500.00
Winter Show……….$3500.00

BTW – Any items needed for the department such as office supplies or equipment repair/replacement, etc. also has to come from these budgets as well.

Is this typical?

I look forward to your replies on this matter.


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