[SML] Swapping Grand and Midstage Curtain

Dave Vick dave.vick at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 14:14:49 UTC 2019

As a still-working Flyman, let me weigh in (heh..)...

Bill got it on the first pitch. We wouldn’t chain the arbors up; we would
overhaul the battens and snub off the linesets with a correctly-tied snub
knot or twist off the Lineset with a “twitch stick” - a stick of some sort
stuck between the front & back lines and twisted Spanish-Windlass style to
put several friction-filled wraps in the handlines. (On my rail we use the
dawn-off handles of old worn-out hockey sticks).  When I strip and shift my
full-stage travelers in the Merely Adequate Hall, we strip part of the rag
weight at the mid-rail, but that’s only because my travelers weigh 700+ lbs.

‘Zat help (part 2)?

Dave Vick
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